Policies, principles & standards

This page is not a complete description of BAT Kenya’s policies and standards; but offers an overview of those likely to be of particular interest to stakeholders, with links to the documents.

Policies, principles & standards that govern our business

Standards of Business Conduct 2022 (9.2 mb)

Our Standards of Business Conduct are an integral part of our governance and, together with our Business Principles, underpin our commitment to high standards of corporate responsibility. The standards apply to all BAT Group companies and employees and require high standards of behaviour and integrity wherever our business operate.

BAT Group Supplier Code of Conduct (2.7 mb)

Our Supplier Code of Conduct complements our Group Standards of Business Conduct by defining the minimum standards we expect our suppliers to adhere to in order to supply goods or services to BAT Kenya and any BAT Group company. This builds upon our long-standing commitment to operate to the highest standards of corporate conduct for both our own business operations and our wider supply chain.

Website Privacy Notice (204 kb)

Data Protection Policy (93 kb)

These policies are intended to provide minimum standards with respect to the protection of personal data that we collect, process and store and will cover the use of personal data about all individuals, including consumers, employees, customers and other third parties, that deal with BAT and its affiliated companies.

BAT Kenya Dispute Resolution Policy (167 kb)

This Policy provides guidance on the management of disputes. It is intended to contribute to effective dispute resolution for the Company, whilst preserving the Company’s relationships with its stakeholders.

International Marketing Principles (69 kb)

Our International Marketing Principles (IMP) set down detailed guidance on all aspects of tobacco marketing, from print, billboards and electronic media to promotional events, packaging and sponsorship. Central to the IMP is our long-held commitment to ensuring that no marketing activity is directed at, or particularly appeals to, under age persons. The IMP are globally applicable and in some countries, exceed the requirements of local laws.

BAT Kenya Quality Policy Statement (813 kb)

Our commitment is to ensure that our products and services are the best in the market, in satisfying consumer moments in tobacco and beyond.

BAT Kenya Health and Safety Policy Statement (1.54 mb)

We aim to apply the best international standards of practice relating to the health and safety of employees at work and non-company personnel on company premises and to give a high priority to these activities. The Statement is backed by detailed specific requirements.

BAT Kenya Environmental Policy (1.49 mb)

BAT Kenya is committed to meeting its consumer needs in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way, applying high standards of environmental protection, adhering to the principles of sustainable development and protection of biodiversity.

BAT Kenya Water Stewardship Policy (1.37 mb)

BAT Kenya understands that water is a key, yet scarce resource and should be used efficiently and used responsibly with equitable sharing by all end users. Protecting and conserving water through water management practices and governance systems, is therefore important for our various operations and
footprint across the country.