Our products

Our portfolio reflects our commitment to meeting the preferences of today's adult smokers, while transforming tobacco by adapting to consumer and market changes with innovative tobacco and nicotine products.

For decades, we have built our business on meeting the preferences of adult smokers with leading cigarette brands, superior products and market-leading innovations. That remains the case today because cigarettes are still at the core of our business. They continue to be used by millions of adult smokers, despite the well-known health risks of smoking.

Our product portfolio comprises a range of high quality and innovative products, including cigarettes (combustible products), cut – rug tobacco (unprocessed tobacco) and our potentially reduced risk category of tobacco-free oral nicotine products.

Our cigarette brand portfolio includes Sportsman, which has been in the market for over 85 years and is sold in various Eastern Africa markets including Kenya, Uganda, and Somalia. This is alongside a strong repertoire of global brands including Pall Mall, Dunhill and Rothmans, which are sold in over 200 markets worldwide including East Africa.
However, our world is changing.

An unprecedented confluence of technology, societal change and public health awareness has created a unique opportunity to make a big leap forward in our long-held ambition to provide our consumers with new categories of potentially reduced-risk products. Indeed, this is reflected in our corporate purpose today – to build A Better Tomorrow by reducing the health impact of our business through offering a greater choice of viable and less risky products for our consumers. 

We believe that by providing a range of high quality, innovative products, many millions of smokers will increasingly make the choice to switch. We refer to these products as our “New Categories”.

It is widely accepted that most of the harm associated with tobacco is caused by inhaling the smoke produced by the burning of tobacco. That is why we are dedicated to the development and sale of alternative tobacco and nicotine products that don’t burn tobacco.

Our portfolio of cigarette brands is complemented by our new product category of potentially reduced-risk products. Currently, our New Categories portfolio comprises of LYFT, BAT’s tobacco-free modern oral nicotine pouch.
This strategic portfolio reflects our priority to provide consumers with potentially reduced-risk products, while recognising the continued importance of our conventional cigarette brands to adult smokers and to our business.

We remain committed to addressing the preferences of our consumers with products they can trust and afford, marketed in a responsible way that adheres to local laws and BAT’s International marketing Principals (IMP).