Environmental sustainability

BAT is committed to operating a sustainable and environmentally friendly business. We have planted over 50 million trees with our farmers and community stakeholders since our afforestation program began in 1978 – a tree for every Kenyan.

By acting to address our impacts today, we can create value for the future of our business and for stakeholders across our value chain.

Afforestation programmes

AfforestationWe run an intensive afforestation programme in Kenya where we plant trees to replenish resources used by farmers for tobacco curing and for non-business requirements such as preserving natural forests, water catchment areas and nature reserves. For example, we have planted over 300,000 trees in Agongo hills, Migori and have identified 25 nature conservation sites for rehabilitation including eight dams, eight rivers and six hill-tops. We also work with key stakeholders to plant trees in local communities and participate on various national / global initiatives such as the World Environment Day and the National Tree Planting day.

  • We have a target to plant 1.5 million trees annually. In 2017 we raised and planted 1,7000,000+ trees in various parts of Kenya. Since the inception of our afforestation programme in 1978, we have planted over 50 million trees with our farmers and various community stakeholders.

Energy conservation

We run various integrated energy management initiatives which have continued to win accolades within industry.

These include recycling, where our waste recycling rate has managed to achieve zero waste to landfill sites, carbon emission and sequestration programmes, creation of carbon sinks through afforestation and investments in energy concerns including high efficiency technology, awareness training, upskilling of employees and consulting with energy experts.

Biodiversity& alternative fuels

Environmental sustainabilityWe are committed to reducing reliance on wood fuel for tobacco curing and have invested in developing innovations such as briquettes and more efficient curing barns. BAT Kenya has partnered with Platinum and South Nyanza Sugar Company to utilise excess sugarcane bagasse to make high energy briquettes which saves millions of trees from the impacts of tobacco curing.

Good Water Governance

As part of BAT’s Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) agenda, the BAT Kenya is pursuing Good Water Governance (GWG) initiatives by implementing the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard within its operations. GWG involves driving sustainable water balance practices, ensuring availability of quality water, as well as access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene for all.

Good Water Governance - GLTP report 2022 (6,020 kb) 

Allliance for Water Stewardship - GLTP stakeholder information (343 kb) 

Alliance for Water Stewardship - Nairobi factory stakeholder information (427 kb)