Quality Leaf

In partnership with our contracted tobacco farmers, we continue to refine our craft in tobacco leaf growing, harvesting and blending to produce high quality tobacco products.

Our rich heritage and deep expertise, combined with our farmer partnerships, helps us grow high quality leaf that is used to drive product superiority in both domestic and global markets. This unique combination not only helps us develop the best tobacco blends today, it also offers a glimpse into an exciting future of innovation.

In partnership with our contracted tobacco farmers, we have over 100 years of experience in tobacco farming & processing and we have put in place infrastructure to guarantee supply of high quality leaf and safeguard its integrity.

tobacco curingBAT Kenya is a major contributor to the global leaf market, through BAT’s global leaf pool which buys tobacco leaf from its leaf growing markets worldwide, and through export of tobacco products such as cut rug tobacco (processed loose tobacco).

Tobacco is diverse, and different types of tobacco are grown in different parts of the world. Tobacco is classified into four taste territories namely: Dark, Earthy, Bright and Aromatic. Kenya predominantly grows Earthy tobacco.

Once harvested, tobacco goes through a process called curing, where the tobacco leaves are dried in a controlled environment to prepare them for processing and it is during curing that the tobacco taste is developed. Once cured, the leaf is transported from the field to a threshing plant where it is prepared to produce cigarettes or other tobacco products.