Our purpose and strategy

We are committed to building A Better Tomorrow for all our stakeholders

A clear corporate purpose

Our purpose is to build a better tomorrow by reducing the health impact of our business through offering a greater choice of viable and less risky products for our consumers. While cigarettes will be at the core of our business for some time to come, we aim to generate an increasingly greater proportion of our revenue from products other than cigarettes and so reduce the health impact of our business.

Our animation below explains more about BAT’s commitment to building A Better Tomorrow:

Acting responsibly

As a leading multinational business, we understand our impact, the importance of high standards of integrity and our evolving societal responsibilities. As a result, we are moving from a business where sustainability has always been important, to one where it is front and centre in all that we do.

  • For our consumers, we want to offer a range of viable and responsibly marketed products in tobacco, nicotine and  beyond.
  • For society, we aim to reduce the health and environmental impacts of our business.
  • For our suppliers and customers, we want to raise standards for everyone across our value chain.
  • For our employees, we want to create a dynamic, inspiring and purposeful place for them to work.
  • And for our shareholders, we want to deliver superior and sustainable returns.

Meeting consumer preferences

We have evolved our strategy to put a sharper focus on delivering a step change in New Categories, fuelled by investment from the continued delivery of our traditional tobacco business.  BAT will satisfy consumer needs through a focused portfolio of products with fewer, stronger global brands.

This strategy is underpinned by a unique view of the consumer across our categories, which is increasingly driven by powerful consumer data and analytics.

Find out more about our purpose and strategy below:

Our purpose and strategy

Our mission

Stimulating the senses of new adult generations

Today, we see opportunities to capture consumer moments which have over time, become limited by societal and regulatory shifts, and to satisfy evolving consumer needs and preferences. Our mission is to anticipate and satisfy this ever-evolving consumer: reduce risk, increase choice and stimulate the senses of adult consumers.

How we win

Must wins

High Growth Segments

Driven by our unique and data-driven consumer insights, we will focus on product categories and consumer segments across our markets and have the best potential for long-term sustainable growth.

Priority Markets

By relying on a rigorous market prioritisation system, we will focus the strengths of our unparalleled retail and marketing reach, as well as our regulatory and scientific expertise, on those markets and marketplaces with the greatest opportunities for growth.

How we win

Inspirational foresights

As one of the most longest-standing and most established consumer goods businesses in the world, we have a unique view of the consumer which is increasingly driven by powerful data and analytics. These insights ensure that the development and responsible marketing of our products is fit to meet consumer needs.

Remarkable innovation

As consumer preferences and technology evolve rapidly, we rely on BAT Group's global network of digital hubs, innovation super centers, world-class R&D laboratories, external partnerships and upcoming corporate venturing initiative to stay ahead of the curve.

Our purpose

A better tomorrow

By stimulating the senses of new adult generations, our purpose is to create A Better Tomorrow for all our stakeholders.

Key stakeholder outcomes

We will create A Better Tomorrow for:



By responsibly offering enjoyable and stimulating choices for every mood and every moment, today and tomorrow;



By reducing the health impact of our business by offering a range of alternative products, as well as by reducing our environmental and social impacts;



By creating a dynamic, inspiring and purposeful place to work; and



By delivering sustainable and superior returns.


Our purpose is to build a better tomorrow by reducing the health impact of our business through offering a greater choice of enjoyable and less-risky products for our consumers.

A key driver to deliver this will be our Ethos – an evolution of our Guiding Principles – which guides behaviours across the entire Group.

More on our Ethos